Real Estate Investments & Services

Investment model

The trivium Investment Group offers short-term investment opportunities in the real estate sector that focus on above-average returns at a moderate risk. Typically, existing properties are purchased, developed (optimized, refurbished, expanded) and sold again within a period of up to 5 years. Depending on the type of project, the target profit for investors is between 40 and 60% (8 and 20% p.a.).

The project sizes are between € 5 million and € 20 million.

An investment is possible from a minimum investment amount of 100,000 €.

The trivium Investment Group can demonstrate an excellent investment track record. With an average term of around 48 months, our completed projects have earned an average of over 40% for our investors (i.e. up to 2 digit return.).

Real Estate Investment Consulting

The trivium Investment Group offers following services:

  • Real estate scouting
  • Strategy development
  • Restructuring of existing portfolios
  • Structuring concerning strategic, legal and tax optimization
  • Operative implementation (conception, price negotiation, construction, realisation)

Investment apartments

For risk-averse investors, we offer investment apartments of every size, in every location and generating every return via our preferred real estate agent, aeterna Immobilien GmbH. In this division, we attach a great deal of importance to only offering investment apartments that generate a reasonable return (well above the money market).

Our investment apartments come with a complete round-the-clock support package provided by our property management team, which includes servicing the tenant, letting, handing over the apartment to deducting VAT. A rental guarantee is also possible in many cases.

Property management

As an experienced manager of its own real estate, trivium also offers this expert service for third parties.


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Director | Sales
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